Tips for you / FAQ

Here at Frames By The Thousands we want to guide you in all your framing needs. Below are some frequently asked questions that can get you on the right track to perfectly frame and display your art.

We can help you with:

How do I choose a frame?

There are thousands of frames to choose from so how do you pick the right one?

Frames By The Thousands has quality frames in different woods, styles, colors, and finishes to choose from. Here are some things to keep in mind when picking the right frame. Please make sure to come in so that I can guide you in the selection process.

Size – Selecting the appropriate width is the challenging part. You want to pick a frame that nicely balances with your artwork. Remember the frame isn’t the artwork, so you don’t want it to be too overpowering. Of course the same is true with making it too narrow, it can look unbalanced.

Style- This is where coming into the store and having a professional framer evaluate your framing needs really makes a difference. Often, customers will have a specific style in mind not evening being aware of all the framing options and end up with a style they didn’t originally plan on. As a professional framer we carefully review the color, tone, and subject matter of the art to match it perfectly with a frame. It can be helpful to bring a picture in of your room so that the framer can consider your d├ęcor as well.

How do I choose a mat?

In picking a mat it is all about the right color and tone while protecting your artwork. When selecting a mat, a framer look at the art for inspiration and keeps some key tips in mind.

  • The mats should be approximately twice as wide as the frame width.
  • The amount of mat showing with multiple pieces of mat should vary to balance out the colors.
  • Consider how dark colors versus light colors constrict or expand the art.
  • Try making the top mat the predominant color in the art.

How do I choose the right glass?

When choosing the right glass you want to ensure that the framer uses a glass with a high quality glazing. You want to pick a glass that protects against harmful indoor and outdoor UV light rays while providing a low reflection rating. You want the glass to disappear under lighting so that your art is the main focus, not the glare.

Frames By The Thousands can guide you in picking the right kind of glass as it differs depending on piece you are framing.

How do I arrange and hang my art?

Have you ever tried to arrange and hanging your art on the wall and ended up with a project of patching nail holes? Try these few helpful tips.

  • Generally art should be held at eye level. Keep in mind if the art will be viewed from a standing or a seated position.
  • Measure up 60″ from the floor. To this, add half the height of the framed picture. Subtract the distance between the top of the frame and the hanger or top of the wire.
  • Trace the outline of each piece onto paper, you can use newspaper or get inexpensive large pieces of paper at most all supply type retailers. The thinner the paper, the easier the project.
  • Number or name each piece of artwork and make sure to indicate on each cutout. Make sure to mark the hangers on the pieces of paper.
  • Using tape, not nails, arrange the pieces of paper on the wall. Try different arrangements, you may be surprised with what you end up with.
  • Hang the paper diagrams by hammering or using hangers and then remove your paper diagrams.
  • Use a level to ensure the art is level.
  • You are done! And you don’t have any unnecessary holes. Congratulations and enjoy your art!

The days of just simply using a nail are long gone. There are all different types of ways to hang your art;

  • Picture Hook
  • Plastic Anchor
  • Toggle Bolt

Picture Hook: Plaster and sheetrock walls – for lightweight art.

Plastic Anchor: Medium-sized pieces of art.

Toggle Bolt: Plaster and sheetrock walls – heavy pieces of art.

We at Frames By The Thousands are happy to guide you with the hanging process.

What is photo archiving?

Artists should archive their original artwork if in the future they would like to make reproductions.